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Aya Kachi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of International Political Economy and Energy Policy

Faculty of Business and Economics

University of Basel, Switzerland

DOB - September 27, 1978

Nationality - Japan

With over 10 years of experience analyzing policy processes in the energy and climate domains, I do research to assist policymaking on these highly politicized issues. Part of my work inspects how people form policy preferences, focusing on the role of policy-induced costs perceived by the public. My work also looks at the macro-level policy landscape, analyzing why countries experience different policymaking processes and generate different policies in energy and climate domains. Here, the role of the state-market relationship and lobbying is one of the primary focuses. My work is based on quantitative analyses with large-N data, including observational, survey, and text data. 

As an organizational behavior enthusiast, all this research dealing with competing stakes has also made it my second nature to think about how we can communicate goals and measures more effectively in various settings outside policymaking. I welcome opportunities to work on creative tasks to understand, develop, and implement communication strategies across multiple decision-making scenarios.


2012 PhD / Political Science

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


2008 Predoc / Dept. of Politics (1 yr)

Princeton University

2004 MA / Economics

Duke University

2002 BA / Economics

University of Tokyo



2020 - Present   University of Basel / Associate Professor (Tenured)

2015 - 2020        University of Basel / Assistant Professor

2016    Winter     Georgetown University / Visiting Scholar

2012 - 2015        ETH Zurich / Postdoc

2004 - 2005        Japan Institute of International Affairs / Research Fellow

2001                    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan (Part-time)

Additional Education


2019 Case Method Teaching Seminar / Harvard Business School Executive Education / 1-day course


2007 Empirical Implications of Theoretical Modeling (EITM) / University of California, Los Angeles / 4-week course

Grants, Raised Funds, Awards


2024 WWZ Förderverein Project Grant / CHF 43,000 / USD 50,500

Climate Policy Kills Jobs, They Say: Unveiling Economic Fears and Ideological Motives Behind Policy Resistance

2022 Self-raised survey funds from the Fondation Sur-la-Croix and KAGfreiland / CHF 6,000 / USD 6,700

Animal Welfare in the Swiss Dairy Industry: Classification of the Status Quo and Investigation of Consumer Perspectives  w/ Sebastian Richter and Hanna Stolz


2020 Swedish Research Council Project Grant (as Co-Applicant) / SEK 11,508,000 / USD 1,400,000

In Search of Decoupling: (How) Can We Combine Climate Sustainability with Economic Growth, Good Jobs, and Public Preferences? w/ Malcolm Fairbrother (Head PI), Ingemar Johansson Sevä, Joakim Kulin, Katya Rhodes

2020 The CROss-National Online Survey-2 (CRONOS-2) panel (by European Social Survey (ESS))

Europeans’ Attitudes towards Key Climate Policies:Carbon Taxes, Costs, and Compensatory Actions

w/ Malcolm Fairbrother & Sami Mustikkamaa

Survey questions selected for Wave 1 which will be rolled out in 12 European countries in 2021

2019 WWZ Förderverein Project Grant / CHF 43,300 / USD 44,400

Swiss Investors’ Decision-Making in the Field of Energy Efficient Real Estate w/ Pascal Gantenbein

2019 SNF Scientific Exchanges Grant / CHF 17,700 / USD 18,000

Symposium The Coal Challenge: Climate Change, Employment,and Energy Politics

2019 SNIS Project Grant / CHF 242,228 / USD 246,000

COALSTAKE — The Political Economy of Coal Policy: Comparative Analyses of Stakeholder Strategies and Resource Industries’ Embeddedness in the International Economy w/ Adrian Rinscheid

2018 WWZ Förderverein Project Grant / CHF 43,300 / USD 44,400

Energy Efficiency Labeling of Residential Buildingsin Switzerland: An Analysis of Rent Premium and Its Determinants w/ Pascal Gantenbein

2011 Gosnell Prize for Excellence in Political Methodology

For the paper “Modeling History-Dependent Network Coevolution" by Franzese, Hays, and Kachi. The best work in political methodology presented at any political science conference during the preceding year.

2010 Political Networks Conference (PolNet) Poster Award

2007 Society for Political Methodology (PolMeth) Poster Award


Faculty of Business and Economics

Department - International Political Economy and Energy Policy

University of Basel

Peter Merian-Weg 6, 4052, Basel, Switzerland

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