Artificial Intelligence (AI) in

Swiss Higher Education

 Survey completed at the University of Basel in April-May 2020

about the project

The why. - Understanding the expectations of our students and junior researchers. Due to the increasing importance and its diverse uses in very different areas, AI is a relevant topic for members of all disciplines at higher education. At this first step of our project, we want to understand how students and junior researchers perceive AI and what motivates them to learn more about it. We are also interested in their preferred learning formats to acquire this knowledge. The topic of AI is starting to appear in their course offering at higher  education institutions. We believe that understanding the expectations from the demand side is also essential for the design of our future learning opportunities.


The how. One way to figure this out is by asking the current university members. To this end, a group of master's students, together with Prof. Aya Kachi at the University of Basel (Faculty of Business and Economics / Master of Sustainable Development), have developed an original survey on the topic of "AI in Swiss Higher Education". The survey is also the result of a collective class project (as part of their methodological learning) in the colloquium "Survey Research Methodology (Spring 2019)" led by Prof. Kachi.

The what. In April 2020, an online survey will be circulated at the University of Basel. The survey is anonymous and has no commercial or governmental purpose. In the future, the anonymized results will be integrated in a larger project by Aya Kachi (University of Basel) and Umberto Michelucci (co-founder of TOELT GmbH and head of the AI ​​competence center at Helsana Insurance), which connects AI at universities with the professional world. The scope may also be extended to other Swiss universities.

Survey has been concluded

Thank you for your participation.

If you want to know what questions were included in the survey, here is the list of survey items.

If you are a researcher at a higher education institution and want to run a similar survey, feel free to contact Prof. Aya Kachi, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Basel. Happy to share the survey draft.

project members

Master's students
Colloquium: Survey Research Methodology (Spring 2019)
Tabea Baumgartner

Res Bosshard

Julie Brodbeck

Santal Chamberlin

Christian Heinis

Nikola Jevremovic

Fathima Abdul Rahman

Sara Vulovic

Emma Wink

Melanie Wyss

Leila Zimmerli

Project coordinators
Aya Kachi
Professor, University of Basel /
Umberto Michelucci
Co-founder, TOELT / Head, AI Competence Center, Helsana Insurance
Tabea Baumgartner
Research assistant, University of Basel

results of the survey

Check back here for the anonymized and aggregated report later in 2020.