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Sustainable Urban Development
Master's Thesis Semin
ar (2018 -)
Guided by Prof. Aya Kachi & Prof. Pascal Gantenbein (University of Basel)

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Since 2018, we have been guiding master's theses focusing on sustainable real estate and sustainable urban development from socio-economic perspectives. 

Students from the Faculty of Business and Economics as well as the Master's Program in Sustainable Development (MSD) at the University of Basel have worked on various topics in this field.


We are currently on a break (2021-2023) but will come back soon and open the seminar again.  

Supervised theses

  • The Rent Premium Development of Residential Minergie Buildings in Switzerland (Silvan Keller)

  • An Evaluation of the Main Determinants of Commercial Real Estate Developers’ Attention in Green Building in the United States (Lukas Linsenmann)

  • What drives firms to increase the energy efficiency in their offices? - An evaluation of the energy-saving behavior in the absence of objective measurements (Adrian Meier)

  • Drivers, barriers and promotion strategies for sustainable buildings in Switzerland: The institutional investors’ perspective (Sibylle Landolt)

  • The Impact of Energy Efficiency on Rents of Commercial Offices in Germany (Marvin Geisler)

  • Are policies adequate instruments to overcome barriers preventing the development of sustainable commercial buildings? (Severin Schürmann)

  • Profitability of Sustainable Commercial Real Estate – An Analysis of Rents and Vacancy Rates (Michael Rudin)

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