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Previous Announcements

Email: March 22, 2021


Subject: Survey Methods - R first-timers will mainly be next week

Dear all, 


A quick message before I enter a meeting and teaching marathon today.


I made a critical mistake in timing one of your R-related tasks. Therefore, I will cover the main content of “R for first-timers” next week on Mar. 29. The main reason is that, as we work from home, you need to install R before being able to use it. This part needs to be done on your own with your own computer.


Therefore, between now and next week, please install R. I am attaching a handout related to this task. Remember I have office hours on Tuesdays from 15:00-16:00 if you have any questions.


Have a nice day and see you later.



Email: March 3, 2021

Subject: Survey Methods - (Homework instruction) Qualtrics upgrade

Dear all, 


As promised, I am sending you the second important announcement before Session 2. That is the instruction for a homework assignment. 


Watch the instruction video (7 minutes) [LINK] and set up your Qualtrics account. You will need a personalized code in the attached document. Don’t forget to email me at the end of the procedure. I expect the whole thing, including watching the video, to take less than 15 minutes. (The video and the attached document are also on the course webpage.)


Don't forget to read Bain et al.'s article, too. See you Monday.


Best wishes, 


Email: March 3, 2021

Subject: Survey Methods - Migration of course materials

Dear all, 


Thank you for allowing me to start the semester with a lively session yesterday. I am writing with the first important announcement. I need attention from all of you - both those who attended Session 1 and those who did not. 


Content migration.

For a reason I explained yesterday, I have moved all the course content to a single    

Those who were not there yesterday, I explain the reason behind this in the second video (“Media”) I posted on the webpage. Take a look.

You will be able to find all the necessary materials and information (except for a password which you can find on ADAM) here from now on. Wherever you need to type a password, use the same password. To be clear, the two ADAM pages (for 3KP and 6KP) will contain only the password and weblinks in the future so that new participants can find us even if they are not aware of the course webpage. 


Soon, I will send you another email with the second important announcement, which is one of your homework assignments for next week.

Setting up your Qualtrics account.





Email: February 27, 2021

Subject: Survey Research Methods / Methods in Economics: Survey Data Collection and Analytics - Zoom link

Dear participants of the survey methods colloquium,


(Listed under the following two titles: “43494-01 – Survey Research Methodology” & “50768-01 – Methods in Economics: Survey Data Collection and Analytics.”)


Welcome back to the new semester. As you know, we will meet for our first session on Monday, March 1, at 16:15. Please use the Zoom link below. Unless we identify an unexpected issue later, we will use the same Zoom link for all the main (Monday) sessions for this colloquium. You can save this link to your calendar. 


I will divide each session in two parts:

Part 1: 16:15 – 18:00

Part 2: 18:30 – 19:45


I do not expect any special preparation from your side for the first session, and we will go over all the necessary information together on Monday. What I need from you is complete attention to all the explanations. I will upload relevant material on the web and let you know before the Monday session.


This colloquium takes a learning-by-doing approach, which requires your full participation. For example, many of the class discussions are designed because discussing certain topics itself is exactly the way of thinking that we need to learn to master survey research methods. This is why your attendance and active participation is necessary for completing this course.

However, we acknowledge online learning also causes challenges to some of our students. Especially for those who regularly take care of ill family members, friends, and other dependents, attending classes on time continues to be a challenge regardless of “on-site vs. online”. Those who tightly share a living space might feel inconvenient even after making arrangements with the housemates and family members. For these reasons, we will upload most of the session recordings so that everybody will have access to the content. For those who face special circumstances that prohibit you from regularly attending the course, please discuss it with me early on. (I will not need to know your exact personal situation at all! – We will discuss how we can compensate the missed real-time interactions with your classmates and me for a few occasions you might miss.)  


See you Monday and all the best, 

Aya Kachi

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