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Email, May 4, 2020

Subject: Please book your final exam - Doodle - Survey Research Methodology

As promised, I am sending you a doodle for you to book your final exam date. Please respond by the end of Friday, May 8.


As some of you pointed out during the last Zoom session, due to the scheduled network maintenance by the university (May 16 (8am) -17 (8am)), I will not hold the exam during this time period. Therefore, you can start your exam either on May 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, or 23.


- The exam duration: 32 hours. (Initially, I communicated as 48 hours but due to the network maintenance, I needed to modify it. I have made sure that 32 hours are more than enough to complete the exam if you have understood HW1.) 

- Start time: 4pm (16:00) of the day you indicate.

- End time: Midnight (24:00) of the following day.

- You will receive the exam by email slightly before 4pm.

- You will submit the exam by email to me ( by midnight.

- You will need to do some computation and document it. So you will need R, RStudio, and some documentation (type-setting) tool (such as Word, LaTeX, etc.). You will receive a data file in a .csv format. If you can complete HW1, then you will be well equipped for the exam.

- Further instructions will come with the exam. Don’t worry.  


Please sign up for your exam date (indicate the start date) using this doodlbe by the end of Friday, May 8. Then I will prepare the exam dispatch.


Thanks and have a nice start of the week!


Email, March 25, 2020


Dear all, 


First of all, thank you for your patience about all the changes that have been happening this semester across the university.


Second, we are officially not meeting tomorrow, March 26. In fact, we are not meeting until April 16.


I have explain this all in the following video message, including the contents of the updated syllabus that allows us to complete this colloquium. These adjustments are also the results of several discussions and brainstorming I have had with my colleagues during the past week. It is important that you get all the information about the future course from me so please stay on the video till the end (as a required task) and send me questions that you might have immediately, if any. No need to wait until April. 


Video message & info on the new syllabus:


- Next time we meet will be at a short “kick-off” Zoom session at 10:15 on Thursday, April 16.

- In the meantime, please look at the course material webpage ( Password: *********) and complete your Qualtrics upgrade.

Email, March 18, 2020

Dear all, 


I will continue uploading adjusted materials both for Session2 and Session 3 as they come. It has been quite challenging to create a set of self-learning kits. Each block of these sessions should also come with short audio or video clips but my Zoom recordings are still being “processed” (by Zoom). I will upload them as they come.


Zoom Q&A session.

However, as things can be confusing, I will open up my Zoom meeting room tomorrow between 13:00-13:30, so that you can tune in (either with a camera or only with audio, your choice) anytime you like during this time window, “raise your hand” and ask me any questions related to the materials. By now, many lectures and meetings have used Zoom and you are probably familiar with it. You would need to install a little client on your machine ( ) but it is easy. Once you have Zoom on your machine, you can simply go to the link below and join my “meeting room”. From then on, you can simply announce yourself and ask me any questions.


Otherwise, let’s continue your self-learning (based on my uploaded materials) for a little longer. Thank you for your cooperation during this transition time.



Zoom meeting invitation:

Aya Kachi is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Survey Reserach Methodology Q&A

Time: Mar 19, 2020 13:00-13:30


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 677 755 584

Password: Sent by email

Email, March 15, 2020

Subject: Survey Research Methodology - Updates

Dear all, 


As you can see, it is taking me longer to rearrange my materials before uploading them. I am letting you know with this email that I will need tomorrow to make progress. I will start uploading materials and media on the “course materials” page. 


Course material webpage.

You can either directly reach the page here: (With the password: Cronbach20), or

through the course information page: (and then “course materials”).


Thank you for your patience. Stay healthy – since viruses are quite widely spread now, it is extremely important that you do not touch your face (and it’s astonishing how often we do that unconsciously) or better, do not bring your hands close to your face. However, as long as each of us take responsible measures, we do not need to panic at all. Maybe I have a bit of credibility as an Asian 😉. I will also talk about an attitude formation mechanism called “source cue” (and source credibility) and how a survey experiment can measure it in the following session.  

Email, March 11, 2020

Subject: Survey Research Methodology

Dear all, 


Thank you for some of your emails about how to proceed with our colloquiums with increasing public-health concerns. For us, the important and challenging issue is to find digital solutions that allow us to be interactive –“interactive” not only with respect to your participation in class discussions but also my visual measuring (?) of how much you have understood the materials, assignments, and the lecture. (One should never underestimate the value of what the instructors can read from your face, reactions, and reaction time!) I have been exploring ways to continue our highly interactive colloquiums.


For tomorrow, March 12, 2020:

For tomorrow, I cannot adjust all the materials in time before our 10:15 meeting. Therefore, here are my decisions (approved by the faculty):

  • I have cancelled our physical meeting which was supposed to take place in S18 tomorrow. (S18 is still booked for us if any of you want to use the room/computers.)

  • However, this Session 2 has not been cancelled, meaning that I will prepare a self-learning package (a mix of handouts and audio/video) and upload it over the coming weekend. 

  • I will send an email when the Session 2 package is ready. Your responsibility is to find a 3-hour time slot to digest this material by yourself sometime next week. 


For Thursdays in the future:

  • However, please keep the Thursday lecture time (10:15-11:30 & 12:00-13:50) for this colloquium for the weeks after this week. As much as possible, I will switch to a real-time Zoom webinar. Let me explore this option combining it with some creative “discussion/feedback platform” that allows me to measure up how much you are following the materials and my lecture. 


General announcements:

  • Website. During the last session, I mentioned the issue of having two ADAM pages (and my double uploading tasks) due to the two mixed modules we have. As an experiment and our effort to streamline our communication, I have created a one-stop information source for this colloquium. I plan to migrate our course handouts here during the next few days. I will keep communicating with you about all the upcoming changes by email – this can be confusing, depending on your email habits. I will also keep all the email correspondences (only from my, of course) on this page.

  • Email me with any questions. And I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in this transition period.

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