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Colloquium: Survey Research Methodology

Colloquium: Methods in Economics: Survey Data Collection and Analytics


Prof. Aya Kachi - University of Basel

About this page

This page is a one-stop info source for students participating in the two courses, 43494 and 50768. For various reasons, we expect to have a higher volume of communication by email this semester. When confused, you can visit this page and get all the necessary info and materials sorted out. The most recent email sent to you will be posted as "Announcements" below.

Recent announcements

Email, May 4, 2020

Subject: Please book your final exam - Doodle - Survey Research Methodology

As promised, I am sending you a doodle for you to book your final exam date. Please respond by the end of Friday, May 8.


As some of you pointed out during the last Zoom session, due to the scheduled network maintenance by the university (May 16 (8am) -17 (8am)), I will not hold the exam during this time period. Therefore, you can start your exam either on May 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, or 23.


- The exam duration: 32 hours. (Initially, I communicated as 48 hours but due to the network maintenance, I needed to modify it. I have made sure that 32 hours are more than enough to complete the exam if you have understood HW1.) 

- Start time: 4pm (16:00) of the day you indicate.

- End time: Midnight (24:00) of the following day.

- You will receive the exam by email slightly before 4pm.

- You will submit the exam by email to me ( by midnight.

- You will need to do some computation and document it. So you will need R, RStudio, and some documentation (type-setting) tool (such as Word, LaTeX, etc.). You will receive a data file in a .csv format. If you can complete HW1, then you will be well equipped for the exam.

- Further instructions will come with the exam. Don’t worry.  


Please sign up for your exam date (indicate the start date) using this doodlbe by the end of Friday, May 8. Then I will prepare the exam dispatch.


Thanks and have a nice start of the week!


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